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1   Link   The United Grand Lodge of England
The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. Its headquarters are at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ.
2   Link   Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire & Rutland
3   Link   Supreme Grand Chapter of England
The Supreme Grand Chapter of England has some 107,167 members grouped in 3,484 chapters. Chapters in London (an area within a 10 mile radius of Freemasons' Hall), are organised into groups administered by the Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London. Chapters outside London and within England, Wales and the Channel Islands are grouped into 47 Provinces, based on the old Counties, each headed by a Provincial Grand Superintendent.
4   Link   The Library & Museum of Freemasonry
The Museum contains an extensive collection of objects with Masonic decoration including pottery and porcelain, glassware, silver, furniture and clocks, jewels and regalia. Items belonging to famous and Royal Freemasons including Winston Churchill and Edward VII are on display together with examples from the Museum’s extensive collection of prints and engravings, photographs and ephemera. The collection explores the different ranks, offices and branches of freemasonry. It explains some of the symbolism used, the charities set up, masonic dining habits as well as freemasonry abroad and during wartime. There is also a large collection of items relating to non-Masonic fraternal societies such as the Oddfellows and the Sons of the Phoenix.
5   Link   Freemasonry Today Magazine
Freemasonry Today has amalgamated with MQ Magazine to become the official journal of the United Grand Lodge of England and a copy of the magazine is distributed to all members living in the United Kingdom. This website carries the whole contents of 46 issues published over the last 10 years. On this Home page is a link to MQ Magazine, with a further 23 issues published over a period of 6 years.